LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED Red Light Therapy has been used by NASA, the US Army and professional athletes for decades for quick healing of injuries.

What is LED?

This revolutionary treatment uses panels of red & blue light which deliver low-level pulses of light up to three times brighter than the sun to activate skin cells. It has become one of the most effective and non-invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the skin. It also treats ageing skin, acne & rosacea. The light works like photosynthesis for the skin, converting light energy already found in the skin cells to promote healing and anti-ageing effects.

LED Therapy Gold Coast

How does it work for ageing skin?
As we age, tan, smoke and live within the confines of gravity, collagen and elastin breakdown. This causes wrinkles, creases and folds begin to appear in skin that was once taut. We can use the red light in L.E.D Light Therapy to treat the appearance of ageing skin, enlarged pores & crows feet with a light wave that penetrates far beneath the surface of the skin without causing any damage.

How does Light Therapy work for acne?

One of the key bacteria associated with Acne and Rosacea is propiorobacterium or P. Acnes. The P.Acnes bacteria produce natural chemicals called porphyrins which are sensitive to different waves of light. L.E.D. therapy uses blue light to disperse the bacteria and reduce the redness via the light therapy under the skin, drastically improving the appearance of rosacea and acne.

What results can I expect?
Studies have shown that skin exposed to LED light grows 150-200% faster, therefore not only improving the cosmetic appearance of skin but also promoting the healing of wounds, scars and burns. LED Light Therapy is pain free, safe and effective for all skin types and has no side effects or downtime. There is no downtime with Crystalite therapy so you can resume usual activities immediately. LED Light Therapy is a non invasive treatment with no down time. You may feel some heat under the lights but it is not uncomfortable.

Get maximum results from the LED by combining it with another treatment.

  • For dull ageing skin LED Light Therapy facial works well in conjunction with the Microdermabrasion.
  • When treating pimples, whiteheads and acne for maximum results a Facial Peel and LED Light Therapy are recommended.



Most frequent questions and answers

LED is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating skin treatment. This treatment will help treat acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring and rosacea. It will not only help minimise acne, but also soothe your skin and reduce both redness and inflammation.

LED is the only aesthetic device that has no contra-indications of any kind. It is good for all skin types, colours and conditions. It is safe for the eyes and it cannot be overused.

Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age and the condition of their skin. In general, best results are achieved over an 8–12 week period. It is recommended to start with a commitment of 20 minutes, at least 2 per week for the first 1-4 weeks.

With most treatments there is always maintenance. So using LED light on a regular basis, like adding on to the end of your monthly facial will benefit your skin.

For the “healthy glow” of a photo-facial, you’ll see a difference right away. As a skin healing therapy, some improvements should be noticed in as little as 24 hours from the first treatment.